Bringing in the Holidays with Little Mommy Products From Hauck Toys

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Hauck Toys, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some fun doll accessories for your daughter(s) for Christmas this year?

When it came to thinking about what I want to get our three year old daughter for Christmas, the one thing that I thought of was things that she can play pretend with her dolls with. She loves to play with her multiple dolls, and I get to work with Hauck Toys again, on some of their Little Mommy doll accessories, which she is going to love!

She now has a baby doll highchair, stroller, carseat, and more for her dolls! I love how well put together these products are, and we love the Little Mommy brand too, for our girls dolls. They are the better brand when shopping for dolls I have found.

She loves to use her imagination and can play for an hour or more with dolls playing pretend with play foods and more. It's fun to watch as a parent I know that :) I love the Hauck Toys products and have for years; they just have so much to choose from especially for doll accessories. 

The final item is a doll sleep and play play deluxe, which is a doll version of a playard/pack n play. These are fun one to have with toddler girls for their dolls and barbies too, as they can lay them down for a "nap" and come back to them to play. 

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