Stylish Mask for Women

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy shop Sewn With Pride By Alli, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a nice cloth mask to wear when you're out and about?

When it comes to masks, not all stores where we are require them anymore so I have a few on hand for when we are at a store that does require it as well as for a doctor appointment for me or our kids. As you can see from the two pictures, this mask is very well made and the design is stylish with a skull. 

I love this women's skull mask that I received. It's very comfortable compared to the one I had before this. I like how comfortable the elastic that goes over my ears is; it makes wearing it much easier. This is a reusable cloth mask, and I plan to wash it in the washing machine, but air drying it on a towel, to avoid the excess heat from the dryer. 

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