Now Accepting Holiday Gift Guide Sponsors

I am starting to send out emails and accept sponsors as I get them for Chit Chat Mom's upcoming Holiday Gift Guide, for this year!! 

Are you a brand looking to promote your products?

I know with Covid-19, shipping in California more so has been slow to non-existant, but I am hopeful that it'll be re opening for many places soon and we'll be able to set up some product reviews.

What I'm looking for product review wise from brands:
- Baby gear (for contributors of my site) - stroller, carseat, any baby items
- Toddler toys for our younger two kids who will be ages 1 and 3 at that time
- Toys for our 5 year old son
- Tween gifts for kids who will be 12 and 13 at that time, so video games, phone accessories, and other crafting things, for girl and boy.
- Home appliances both big and small
- Bedding for twin, queen, and full size beds
- Anything that is kid friendly you need promoted for those ages

Please contact Alicia at to schedule an upcoming product review for starting July 1. Please know that *ALL* products must be full size in order to get a blog post done, or it'll only get an Instagram post done.

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