Greater Than Sports Drink is Great for Nursing Moms

As a nursing mom, it's important to make sure that what you're eating and drinking is good for your milk supply especially if for some reason you are worried that your supply might be low at all. 

There's a product I want to talk about with you called Greater Than Sports Drink and it is wonderful for nursing moms and to stay hydrated, without all of the sugar that other drinks may have in them. And, best of all they are made with fresh coconut water too (which I love - coconut water is great for a milk supply). 

They have several flavors available to choose from:- Tropical
- Orange mango
- Chocolate
- Watermelon
- Grape 

We received some of these to review. I wasn't very fond of the flavors, even though I love certain brands of coconut water. Our kids did like the chocolate flavored one, as well as the grape and watermelon flavors. 

These are a much healthier and better alternative for hydrating without having extra sugars, when you're a nursing mom and want to keep a good supply. 

The awesome thing about this drink is that there is NO sugar added and only has 40 calories! Many moms have made the switch from other drinks they rely on to help with milk supply. 

This drink could be a solution for milk supply issues for moms that is easily helped just by drinking some of this delicious drink, and of course it is a healthy option as well.

Some health benefits are:- Tastes great
- Organic coconut water
- Only 40 calories
- All natural, super food ingredients
- Hydrating
- No added sugars - all natural sugars from fruit juices
- Great for the entire family
- Refreshing

While water alone can rehydrate moms, it doesn’t replenish the lost electrolytes and nutrients that can result in energy loss. Sports drinks provide the electrolytes, along with added sugar, calories, carbs, and chemicals that can be potentially hazardous to mom and baby. So, what’s a thirsty mom to do?

Enter Greater Than, a 100% natural and organic hydration solution offering 2-3x the electrolytes of a typical sports drink with a fraction of the calories, carbs, and sugar and none of the artificial ingredients (see below for specifics). 

Made from 10 simple ingredients, including 38% fruit juice and organic coconut water, breastfeeding moms can get the hydration they need without all the toxins they don’t.

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