Giving a Tween Their First Phone

When I was growing up, I never got a phone until I graduated high school (2005 lol). So I figured and had it set that I wouldn't let our kids get a phone of any kind until they paid for it themselves. 

At what age did you give your tween their first phone?

When our eleven year old daughter laughed saying that he'd be the "only one" in high school (going into high school building in 7th grade) without a phone, I figured I didn't want that to happen, so I found a cheap prepaid phone that is a smartphone, but it gives him 350 phone minutes per month (unless he buys more on his own), and 3 GB of data per month.

Of course, I have always been the one to say no kid needs a phone and no teenager needs a phone. But that's just not reality, especially when their friends all have one and he is quite responsible with a lot of things in general, so I felt like it was time and fine for him now. 

I found out how to get the parental settings on where certain apps I don't approve of aren't able to be downloaded. He can use our wi-fi and not use up data. But, he already used up his data for the month, so he was told he can only use it at home if not grounded from phone, due to this until the month resets to give him that amount again for the beginning of the month. 

So far, all is good and he has behaved fine with his new phone. He knows the rules for being able to use it and knows that we have to have any passwords on it and can check messages at any time and browser (he only uses games though, not usually internet for more than downloading his games). I had told him he could use it for an hour per day at first, but now as long as he does what he needs to through the day and listens, he can use it. But has to bring it back to our room at bedtime because he is not using it all night. 

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