DIY Plastic Water Bottle Watermelon Planting

Our oldest daughter and I had a fun time doing this DIY seed starting system project, using and designing plastic bottles for planting. 

For this, we used watermelon seeds and a plastic soda bottle and it worked well and is sitting on our porch for when the sun comes out. We will be placing some in potting soil in front of our house as well to of course grow. We are excited to see them grow as we've only ever grown flowers before. 

What you'll need for this DIY project:
- water bottle cut where you use the bottom half for planting
- fruit seed 
- potting soil or dirt
- water as needed

Here's the watermelon seed prior to placing it into the soil, in the bottle that I cut open to use the bottom. 

Here's the seed on the potting soil when I was putting it in to plant. 

Here it is ready to go outside and grow.

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