Could a Reflective Pet Collar Save Your Pet's Life?

According to The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, the chances of reuniting lost dogs with their owners are not that much. Only 15% to 20% of the lost dogs are reunited with their owners as per the statistics. On the other hand, The American Veterinary Medical Association went through a survey to actualize how many dogs go missing each year.
They have found that, out of 187 dogs, 132 were reunited with their owners. And, all of them had a reflective collar on the neck along with up-to-date identification. That’s right. Collars are a life-savior and your little buddy needs one too. 

The Importance of Reflective Dog Collars
Using a reflective collar for your beloved pet is the easiest approach when it comes to increasing protection. If your pet doesn’t have a collar attached to his neck, the driver on the highway will not get to see if your pet is roaming around the road. As the collar is reflective, it will shine brightly if any light falls onto it. This material can pick up various light sources such as car headlights, streetlights, or any other lighting. If you are a fan of taking your pet for night strolls or runs, a reflective collar is a must for your pet. Dogs that are frightened due to the lightning storm at night can also be found with the help of a reflective dog collar. You can ultimately retrieve your pet from any potential danger as you can spot them very easily. 

Reflective dog collars come in various colors that are helpful to maximize your dog’s visibility and ensure overall safety. You can save your dog from potential car accidents which could be the reason for your dog’s death. 

Which Reflective Collar Should You Buy for Your Dog?
Of course, you need to have a collar that is durable and won’t slip off the neck. There are a lot of collars available on the market and you have to be extra careful while choosing the one. Slipping is a common characteristic of typical dog collars and there is no point in purchasing a dog collar that slips off. Every collar is different and you have to get the one that lasts longer and comes with reflective material that allows you to spot your dog from a long distance. There is a series of great reflective dog collars in the market. Some of those may include:

  1. Dogmount: Dogmount collars come with a proven quality, durability, and luxury design. These collars are made with authentic saddlery craftwork from premium leather. The final product becomes a unique story for you as each piece of these collars are handmade. Besides, you can personalize the collars as per your dog’s needs. 

  1. StuntPuppy: StuntPuppy dog collars come in a classic look along with six different colors. The collars are crafted with Biothane. Experts say that these collars are flexible, indestructible, and waterproof.

  1. Blueberry Pet: This is a brand that produces everything essential for dogs. Collars that come from this brand are made with genuine leather along with 3M reflective threads. They have used eco-friendly plastic for the buckle and no matter what size your dog has, you can get a collar from this great company.

  1. 3M Scotchlite: Collars coming from this company are very cheap in price. They come with a sturdy 500-denier double folded nylon.

  1. Orvis: Orvis collars are widely-known for its personalized embroidery. These collars enable you to put your dog’s name instead of a tag. Besides, you can put the information on the collar so that it gets easy to reunite with your dog if he ever gets lost. There are different sizes and colors as well. 

A reflective collar is an essential dog supply for people who go for a night walk or run. Darkness impairs our vision, no matter if there is good lighting on the street. Your dog is your beloved one. You never want to lose him. Without a reflective collar on a dog, you ultimately leave the chances of losing him both temporarily and permanently. Hence, grab a collar today from that looks good on your dog, and, of course, matches with the size of his neck. 

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