Finding the Right Phone for Your Teen with UpTrade

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post on behalf of UpTrade

For years, used smartphone listings have been filled with scams and unreliable products, or devices that are in worse conditions than advertised. As a result, many people feel as though their only option is to purchase a brand-new phone at exceedingly high prices from cellular carriers. For parents, whose children and teens frequently damage or lose their smartphones, this can become incredibly expensive.  Fortunately, a new company has introduced itself into the smartphone resale market. 

Having friends who have teenage kids and younger who own phones, mainly smartphones I found this post important to promote and help parents be aware that there is a company with a much cheaper smartphone option for their child without breaking the bank. Our son is 12, so it'll be quite awhile yet before we allow him to have a phone of his own especially a smartphone I'm sure. The information in this post is really helpful for moms of teens.

The following information was provided to me by the brand for this post. For more information, feel free to go to the UpTrade website!

UpTrade reinvents the way that people buy and sell used smartphones. The company makes buying used phones as simple as shopping for new phones but at half of the cost. With UpTrade, people can still find quality products while reducing the waste that the technology industry is contributing to on such a large scale.

UpTrade removes the burden from the seller and the buyer. First, sellers are paid upfront once UpTrade has received the device, and it is properly inspected. Sellers do not need to worry about investing time in creating an eye-catching listing since the professionals take care of the photos and descriptions. With UpTrade paying the sellers upfront, sellers also do not need to be bothered with keeping track of the communication or negotiating sales. It is a seamless process for people who want to get rid of an old phone without throwing away their money.

The process is equally flawless for the buyer. Quality is guaranteed at UpTrade, so the company performs a thorough, 50+point inspection to ensure the phone functions like new. The photos in the listings are close-up photos of each phone, instead of generic stock photos that are typically used and falsely represent items for sale. 

Buyers will know exactly what they are getting before they make a purchase. To ensure satisfaction, UpTrade offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for devices, with optional 90-day device protection plans also available. The used smartphones listed on UpTrade are competitively priced, based on market value and individual phone condition, which provides the most accurate and fair prices to each customer.  Through UpTrade’s service, everyone wins with a trustworthy and user-friendly experience. 

Howard Huang, Head of Growth at UpTrade says, “"Smartphone ownership among teens has increased dramatically up to 91 percent. Meanwhile, new flagship phones continue to get more expensive. We've built a platform that not only allows parents to find new tech at affordable prices but also helps reduce the problem of growing e-waste."

Marco Mai, Head of Operations at UpTrade, adds, "To make it safe and easy, we decided to test and background-check every phone to make sure it's of good quality. We also go the extra step and provide actual photos and detailed notes for each phone. While many companies will face capacity challenges of handling millions of used phones, we have found a solution by leveraging big data and automation."

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