Some of the Challenges of Having a Big Family

When it comes to having a big family, people will always have something to say and as parents you learn ones that aren't positive of course.

I was asked to do a blog post about some of the challenges that come with having a big family, so I figured that I would do the post sooner than later. 

Some of the Challenges of Having a Big Family:
- People will always have an opinion bout your family's size, good or bad
- Needing a bigger vehicle
- Making time for each child
- Not having any breaks aside from school 
- It costing more to go out to eat 
- Older kids fighting sometimes

I don't really have many challenges to having five kids as I'm a stay at home mom and aside from when our older two kids are fighting with each other over literally nothing most of the time (lol) or they're not listening, things go pretty smoothly most of the time. It's nice when they're all getting along and play nicely. 

Comments from people
We have gotten comments sometimes yes from random people I don't know when I take our kids to the park when it's nice outside but I either ignore it or smirk back with a comment that gets them to mind their own business. More-so if the person doesn't know our family. I am very happy and proud of all of our kids and am thankful for all five of them!

Of course our younger son in pre-k is able to be home on weekends so he can play with his sister and she is happy he's home from being in school all week. On Sundays, I can usually get all five kids ready and in the car for church then my husband gets in and we leave. Our 12 year old son is in basketball again for his second season, so with practices and games during the week and on some weekends, it gets busy. 

We have three kids who are in school so during the day I just have our younger two at home with me until about three; they're 2 1/2 years old and 3 months old, so most of the time the days are pretty simple. I feel like some days, I am constantly nursing when our youngest is hungry more often or is having a growth spurt, but that is just part of life as a nursing mom.

Going out to eat
We don't ever go out to eat aside from Sheetz on some Sundays on our way home from church, unless my family is in town but having a big family will always mean meals cost more when you choose to go out to eat. 

Making time for every child
Making time for every child separately or together can be a challenge if you are super busy with your schedule, but a lot of times we watch Netflix shows together which is fun and they enjoy that time too, watching shows that we all like on there or on Disney+. 

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