Interview: Bill Engvall & Urologist Joseph V. DiTrolio, M.D. on Men's Health

*Disclaimer - I got the opportunity to do a phone interview with comedian Bill Engvall and Urologist Joseph V. DiTrolio, M.D this morning, so this post is the Q & A I did with them.

Do you have questions about men's health?

Questions that I asked Bill and Dr Joseph V DiTrolio:

1. What made you decide to be a public spokesman for men's health?

"I feel like as an entertainer it;s not just my job to make people laugh, its also to do some good as well. Very few people use what bull horn, for promotng good health. As a man well over 50, he really felt like this is an issue that needs spoken up about. The second highest killer of men is prostate cancer. He feels it's his responsibility to help his fans and the public with knowledge". 

2. What is the biggest highlight of your career?

"I would have to say going back to 1991 when I won best stand up for comedy awards. That meant the world to me as the people could vote on it, not just one person".

3. What's your most memorable moment from The Blue Collar Tour?

"Probably when the show sold out the national arena in 24 hours. Its record was hit by one other which was Bon Jovi, which you never hear those two together with comedy". 

4. How should men change their approach to diet, excersise, sleep, and medical care at different ages such as 30s, 40s, and 50s? 

Bill Engvall - "Short answer - don't be egotistical". 

Urologist Joseph V. DiTrolio, M.D. - "As we age, our bodies change and you have to be aware of it. sensory part of brain allows us to function but we put it in the back of our mind and don't deal with it. Weight gain, diet, activity levels are critical. Body only signals major changes, not suddle changes. Most of what he does in his office is talk with his patients to find out what is going on in their life. As prostate gets larger, prostate may get weaker".

5. What was your favorite thing about being in blue collar comedy?

"The fact that I could reach out to a demographic of media/public. We touched the big audience and the reason I started being adamant about men's health". 

Check out this video.

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