Having a Warm Winter with Fin Fun

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Fin Fun, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a fun way to keep your kids warm with a blanket?

When it comes to blankets, our older 3 kids especially just love to collect many. It doesn't matter what kind they are, as long as they're warm and soft! Well, Fin Fun has so many different kinds of fun blankets to choose from, and since our oldest son got the last one - Angry Birds, this time our older two daughters got the say so in what this feature would be.

Our oldest daughter is 11 and she was excited to be getting the Snowcap polar bear blanket, for just $24.95 on their website and has been wanting that particular one for awhile now so she's been wearing it quite often at night especially, to keep warm. 

The other blanket that we received was the adorable Snow Leopard blanket that our two year old daughter loves. She likes it so much that she finds it and makes sure to have it with her at bedtime, so it gets washed quite often so she has it. This one is also $24.95 on their website!

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