Pokemon Holiday Merchandise for Tweens and Kids

*Disclaimer - Thanks to Pokémon International Company for sponsoring this post and sending us product.

Are you looking for some great products for tweens/kids this Christmas?

When it comes to Pokémon and our son especially, he loves to collect Pokémon trading cards and has off and on for years. He use to play the online game where you enter the code that comes on one of the cards per pack. He hasn't in a couple of years though. 

He has tins of cards and our daughter has a tin of hers, but not anywhere near as many. Well, they were both really excited to find out that we'd be able to work with Pokémon for this holiday merchandise feature, on my holiday gift guide. We had no clue what was going to arrive, so I had no idea what to expect to arrive really. Another good thing that is good to have is nba cards nz, so make sure you check them out too!

This is the first package we received and it was a calendar for kids to countdown to Christmas with, and included 25 single packs of Pokémon cards in it! They didn't get to have them all, but got enough at once to fill half of their tins! They were excited for sure, and I even gave our four year old one pack of them, so he has his own to start collecting. 

The second/final package that we received had some pretty awesome products in it! All four of our older kids got something with this, and I even got one thing too. 

Here's our oldest son checking out some of his new Pokémon cards to see what new ones he got. 

Here are the two stuffed animals, for our younger two kids and they love them:

Our oldest was home when the second package came so he got to pick which big pack he got, and he chose the Pikachu and was so glad that he did because he got some great cards in that pack. And, he added the big Pikachu card with his other big cards he has gotten from ones we bought him in the past. 

Our oldest daughter got the other GX pack when she got home, which was the Zamazenta GX pack. You'll see her below checking out hers as well. 

Here are some cards that I gave to our four year old and he loves to sort through them.

Here are some of his good EX and GX cards he has collected over the years:

These are some of the Pokémon cards that he got from the two packages for this post:

They also included some stickers in the package

Here is a nice pin and card set that was also in our package

The next product I am keeping to use for my hot chocolate. I love my Pokémon mug!

The last product that we received was a nice Sun-Moon Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box.

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