Interview: Toy Association Senior Director on Toy Trends

I got the opportunity to do a phone interview with the senior director of Toy Association, on Toy Trends so see below for the Q&A I was able to ask her this morning. 

Hi there, Thanks for taking my call for questions. 

1. What has been your favorite toy for 2019 that you have gotten to test? 

There are so many great toys out there so its hard to just pick one. Wicked Cool Toys has one really cool one they tested that her child has been wanting and may get for Christmas!

2. What do you think is the most popular toy for toddlers this holiday?

Right now, I am going to have to say the Baby Shark phenomenon. This year it's the Baby Shark puppet. if you move the puppet side to side, it'll go fast and if you move it a little bit, it'll go slower which younger kids like.

3. How do you choose a quality toy that is good for kids of all ages?

There's not one toy that'll be for all ages.  Be sure to pay attention to the ages on packaging of all toys. Teach your kids to look for the appropriate ages on there as well, because just because you may think your child is too old or small for that toy but really it maybe a good one for him or her. 

4. Do you think there is a trend in low-tech toys these days, or are high-tech toys still the rage?

There's something to be said for toys that don't need technology. Every family has their own way of learning with toys and using electronics, such as your phone, tablet, iPad. You can definitely get toys that are not techy. Go ahead and bring out non electronic ones for them to enjoy. There is one from Sky Rocket Toys that's one to water plants, which is fun.

5. How has the tariff War with China affected the toy market this year?

The tariff war where Friday the agreement that was made is that the majority of toys were not affected. Silicone was used in some toys and putty. It could have been a lot of jobs lost, but thankfully it didn't come down to that and an agreement was made, so it didn't affect the toy market like it could have.

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