Basketball is a Great Option for Kids

Our son is almost 12 and is in basketball for his second season now, and had a great season in 2018-2019 for his 5th grade year, which was also his first year playing basketball. They won a lot of their games and ended well too. 

Our older two kids did school basketball last school year for their first season and our son especially LOVED it. He decided to do it again this year, for sixth grade and his first game is next week. He is really excited as are the rest of us to watch him and his team play. When it comes to basketball, it is always a great thing to have a home basketball court for your child to be able to practice and play ball at!

Sports are great for kids in school to take part in and give it a try. It keeps them healthy and they learn to work together as a team, and they also enjoy it most of the time too. Our son also learns a lot discipline wise for being on time, as if any of his teammates are late or do something they're not suppose to, they all have to do extra sprints or suicides in the gym at practice. 

Another thing to keep in mind for sports, but in particularly basketball since that's what this post is about is to keep your child hydrated, whether they keep Gatorade in their bag to drink at practice or games, or a water bottle filled with cold water. 

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