Make Breakfast Better with the Calphalon Intellicrisp Waffle Maker, Dark Stainless Steel

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Calphalon, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a easier way to make waffles in the mornings?

I have loved the Calphalon brand for many years now, but when I found out I'd be working with them, I was really excited because they have so many awesome products to use in the kitchen! Well, the one product that caught my eye was this IntelliCrisp Waffle Maker that you can find for just $119.99 right now on their website! 

Once you turn this waffle maker on, you'll be able to set it to preheat so you can get your waffle mix ready, whether it's a boxed mix or you make it on your own to mix and get it ready.

Now, you will mix up your waffles and have it ready in a bowl so that you can put it onto the plate of your waffle maker to cook! This time, Mrs Butterworth's boxed mix was used and it was excellent, but when there's more time homemade will be used more often than not!

Now, you'll see on the waffle maker that it says Ready To Cook! How awesome is that? This is seriously high tech compared to our old waffle maker we have. See for yourself how well it works. This is a non stick waffle maker and has a timer as well which is great for making sure that it will fully cook your waffles and not under or over cook them, for you. 

It has settings on it to make the waffles either light or dark depending on what you and your family like with waffles. It also has an off button. Next, you'll add the waffle mixture onto your waffle plate to cook thoroughly. 

Next, the waffle maker display will show that it's cooking and you'll just wait until it's completely done and then open it up for some fabulous waffles to enjoy! It'll display that cooking is complete.  

Now, you can get out the syrup and enjoy your breakfast that the lovely intellicrisp waffle maker cooked for you that turned out perfectly! Bacon goes great with waffles in the morning or anytime for that matter! 

I love how great these turned out and they were definitely perfectly cooked and delicious.

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