Get Tween Clothes at Brooklyn Clothing

*Disclaimer- I received the products in this post from Brooklyn Clothing, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some nice clothing for your tween this Christmas?

When it comes to fall, our kids like myself enjoy having hoodies and long sleeve shirts to keep warm but comfortable as the weather starts to cool off from summer time heat. I found some nice hoodies and shirts from Brooklyn Clothing, and our son loves everything he got. Our daughter kept the t-shirt they sent and she likes it. 

This first hoodie is a good yet lightweight one that is sure to keep him warm but comfortable when it's chilly outside, and with our weather it's definitely good to have it on hand.

Here are other clothing that he received - the first one in the picture below is a wool type material and is really soft to the touch, and will keep him a lot warmer than the other ones.

Here's the t-shirt that was sent and I gave it to our daughter and she loves it:

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