Fun for Girls with BeYouTology Lip Gloss Kit

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post for reviewing purposes.

Are you looking for a fun gift idea for girls?

When it comes to lip gloss, our 11 year old daughter loves to collect all kinds and scents she can get. This kit will allow your daughter to make her own lip gloss with containers to store it in as well. I love how easy this kit is for her to do on her own and not really needing help. You can find the kits on the RoseArt website HERE, for just $9.99. 

She decided to use a white one, so that's why the picture below is not colored. When we have more time, we may do more as she wants to. These were easy and fun for her to do herself. You just have to crush the little balls that are in the kit, blend it with the spoon provided, and wear it. The containers have lids of course which is convenient for storing them. 

These make for a fun girls day or night with your daughter and her friends when they have sleepovers for sure, or just a fun time for her to do on her own or with you. And, then she can tell people she made her own lip gloss! 

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