Why We Chose Public School for Our Kids

When it comes to schooling, I was in a private Christian school all of my schooling from preschool through high school graduation, and that in itself says enough- I graduated in 2005 and am thankful to be done. 

Did you choose private school, homeschooling, or public school for your child?

There were rules, way too many rules and that might be fine/dandy for some people, but I'm glad that I am done with school although I made many friends. I just don't see the need for the excessive rules that we had to abide by there, and if you didn't you got suspended, detention, etc. 

From the start before our oldest started school, both my husband and I said regardless of how much money we ever made in life, our kids will be going to public school all their school years, and we stuck to it! We have three kids in public school and it's been wonderful. 

Not too many rules, and the rules they do have are not hard for kids and teenagers to follow by any means. And, even at home we have specific rules that our kids listen to but we're not overprotective like a lot of people I use to know were, as well as they need to be able to enjoy their childhood on up through high school without having to worry about what is acceptable and what's not everyday to the extent that I had to. 

I was very sheltered and my husband and I agreed a long time ago that we won't shelter our kids like I was, and that they will have freedom to an extent compared to what I had to listen to as a teenager more-so unless I got the CD's myself and such. 

Yes, we are religious and go to church on Sundays but we don't overdo our life to shelter our kids to ONLY be allowed to listen to what music I grew up listening to. That is not going to happen, and I don't see any reason that they shouldn't be able to enjoy music that is popular for tweens in 2019 today. 

I have gotten use to the fact that our kids and their friends have songs that they enjoy, and as long as they're not cursing or repeating things they know they're not suppose to then it's fine with us to listen to. There are some things we don't allow, but we're definitely not hard on them about it. 

We love their school, teachers, and friends and have not had many issues at all in their school and we have a sixth grader, fifth grader, and a pre-k student. Life is too short to worry about what music to not listen to. Enjoy life with friends, being friends with a good crowd of kids in school, and make memories at sleepovers, and fun with your friends.

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