What This Time of the Year Means to Our 10 Year Old Daughter

I was asked by a reader to do an interview type of post with our older kids, so this is what we did. 

She is 10, so her answers may vary compared to those of other kids her age of course.

Here are the things that I asked our 10 year old daughter and hope you enjoy it!

1. What does this time of the year mean to you as a 10 year old?
This year, this time of the year means that I get to have a new baby sister again soon because my mom is having another baby, so I am excited to see her and get to hold her at the hospital and at home. 

2. Do you love the holidays and what's your favorite part of the holidays that are coming up?
Yes, I love holidays - the soonest ones will be my baby sister's birthday in September and mine is in October before Halloween. My favorite part of Christmas is getting presents and getting to shop at my school's Christmas shop for my siblings and family. 

3. What's been your favorite TV show as a 10 year old? 
Jessie. My 11 year old brother and I use to watch Jessie a lot when it was still on Netflix, and then they took it off so now we can't watch it. It's a good show that was from Disney.

4. What games do you like to play?
Playing with friends outside and at the park, sleepovers with friends, and Roblox on my mom's phone sometimes.

5. What's your favorite memory from summer break?
My favorite part of my summer break was having lots of sleepovers at friends houses, and hanging out with them and riding bikes. 

6. What is something about 2019 that you never want to forget?
A good friend of mine who was in my class just moved two towns over to a new house and school, so playing with her at school was my favorite part of this year. 

7. Is there anywhere you'd like to go or something you'd like to do next year?
Go to my friend's house who moved, sometime(s) to play and catch up with her. 

8. What is your favorite food or meal to eat?
My favorite food is ice cream with cherries, and my favorite meal is tacos.

9. What is your favorite movie?
The Descendants 1, 2, and 3. 

10. What is your least favorite food to eat?
I don't like vegetables unless it's in beef stew that my mom makes. I also don't like cantelope. 

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