DIY Dog Toys for Your Pet

*Disclaimer - I was provided a gift card to purchase items in post. 

Are you looking for a fun way to make a dog toy?

When it comes to playing, our neighbor friend's dog loves to play and has a lot of energy as he's a golden retriever like most of their dogs are. This one was a fun post to do. I did two toys for him, because one was bought at Walmart - the pig squeaky toy he has several of. 

What you will need for this DIY dog toy is an empty water bottle with the lid and an old sock you no longer use that it'll fit in. It doesn't take hardly anytime at all to make one of these in a matter of five or ten minutes, as long as you have everything you need for it.

Then, once you have the water bottle inside of the sock, you will need to tie a knot in the sock at the top of it so that the dog cannot rip the sock open to remove the bottle. This is pretty simple to do, so have fun with it.

And there you have your own DIY dog toy that your dog will have fun playing with, without breaking the bank buying toy after toy.

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