Caliente’ Beef Fajitas Cooking Dish

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card to buy products in this post. 

Are you looking for a delicious dish to try with your family?

When it comes to spicy foods, a few in our house love it. I decided to make a different dish than I have in the past, and am excited to share it with you. We don't make spicy dishes often, but when we do I make sure that most of the time it's not too spicy for our kids to be able to eat and enjoy it too.

I used beef strips that are for fajitas, as well as a generous amount of A1 steak sauce, as well as some medium salsa to spice it up a bit to give it a spicy taste but one that isn't too much for kids to enjoy. 

Next, I cooked in some diced onions with the beef strips and the A1 steak sauce, which makes it have a better taste in my opinion anyway. I love onions in almost any meal I cook. It's absolutely delicious.

I put the fajitas meat in taco shells/soft shells to eat them and enjoy with our kids who wanted one or two.

Here's the finished Caliente' dish that we made for this post. And, yes it was delicious!

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