Black Friday is the Day to Shop the Deals

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post for Intellifluence.

Are you looking for deals for Black Friday this year?

When it comes to Black Friday, you think hectic crowd don't you? Well, that's not always the case around the USA, depending on where you live. I've gone Black Friday shopping probably three times now, and never had an issue when I went. I got in and out within 3 - 4 hours at most. 

When you want to find some good deals, check out Slick Deals and see if they have anything that is what you're looking for, for 2019 sales. With the holidays quickly approaching you'll want to get a head start with sales before it's too late or they are done! 

I have known friends though who when they have gone out for Black Friday deals at a specific store, it was one huge mad house and took them hours to get back to their cars, and that was the last time they opted to do in store deals. I like doing online sales for Black Friday if there is something specific I'm looking for in particular. 

For me, going in store it's a huge benefit that I'm short because I can go quicker into spots that I don't need a cart with me, and then toss in cart and get whatever else I need and go straight to checkout and pay/leave. It helps when you know what time your specific sales are going on, so you can get there early enough to hopefully be one of the first ones there, so you won't be waiting in lines forever to get into the doors of the store.

There's not a lot I really look for now that is that urgent, but I know that my sister in laws and mother in law go every year to the big city a few hours away from us to get all of their holiday shopping done for everyone. 

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  1. NO way, not me. In store shopping on Black Friday is a thing of the past for me. I've done my shopping online for the last few years and much prefer it. The sales and great prices start long before Black Friday, so you have to keep your eye on the sales. Slick Deals is a great way to do that. Been using them for many years!