Which is the better tool - Dewalt vs Makita?

When you think of buying a cordless drill, a few brands will come up in your mind. Two of those are highly likely to be Dewalt and Makita.

Therefore, it is prudent that we look at the battle between Dewalt and Makita to find out which is the better tool. There are a few differences between the two that can help you in making the right purchasing decision. In this review, we are going to look at the two tools head to head before identifying the best.

Dewalt tools

One of the most dominant features of the Dewalt cordless drill is its rpm range. If you value high speed and power, you should consider going for the Dewalt. With this power drill, you have the option of choosing between two speed options. You can either go for the 500 or 1750 rpm options depending on the material that you are working on. This gives you a good range that enables you to get great precision and finish. The powerful motor on the Dewalt is able to produce 500 inch lbs of torque that is necessary when driving screws. This is very important especially considering that you have to drive screws through tough materials such as hardwood and plastic. 

The other strong point of the Dewalt is that it comes with a brushless motor that lasts for a longer time. Brushless motors are also more efficient as they consume less power.  In addition, this tool comes with a chip that controls the power output from the motor. As a result, you are able to get impressive performance from the motor even when handling difficult tasks.  


The Makita comes with an 18v battery that delivers enough power to work on the most challenging projects that you can have. The good news is that the battery has some fast charging times as it can be powered up within 10 minutes and this stores enough power to last for hours of heavy drilling.  

The Makita is also a lightweight device that makes tough jobs easy. At just 3.3 pounds, the tool can enable you to work for hours without getting fatigued. This is important for it can reduce the strain on your hands. In the process, you are able to make sharp and accurate holes on wood and other materials. The brushed motor on this drill delivers about 480 lbs inch of torque which delivers impressive performance on different tasks. With the drill, you have the option of choosing between 600 and 1900 rpm options that are ideal for handling different tasks that you need to complete. 

The 18 battery on the Makita should not fool you as it makes the tool a staple at construction sites. The tool has strength, withstands a lot of pressure and does not vibrate a lot while in action.


Both the Makita and Dewalt are great tools that are going to appeal to your drilling needs at home and in the workshop. However, we found the Dewalt to be more capable than the Makita due to its greater power, sturdiness and durability. You can learn more about both manufacturers and their tools in this review: https://besttoolreview.net/dewalt-vs-makita/

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