Our Top 5 Favorite Disney Junior Shows for Toddlers

When it comes to Disney Junior shows, our younger two are big fans and know their favorites! 

In 2018 sometime, our family discovered the DisneyNOW app on our Roku stick, and have used it ever since for watching shows, mainly for toddlers so I will share them here. We don't overwatch TV shows by any means, but with no having cable, it's a great alternative for younger kids to be able to still watch the shows that are on TV. 

The only thing about the app is that unless you do have cable, a lot of the episodes are locked so you will need to just watch the ones that are unlocked, so sometimes each show may have only one available episode and at other times there are 3 - 4 available. 

Our Top 5 Favorite Disney Junior Shows for Toddlers 

1. Fancy Nancy
2. Puppy Dog Pals 
3. The Lion Guard
4. Vampirina
5. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We don't have cable, so the DisneyNOW app has been great, so we aren't constantly having to buy their favorite shows on DVD. The shows that I named above are all ones great for ages 1 - 5. You can personalize the DisneyNOW app to fit the shows you'd like your kids to watch. 

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