How to Keep Your Kids Active During Non-Winter Months

When it comes to kids and nice weather, I have you covered. Our kids love to be outside! 

Some Fun Activities for Kids to Do to Stay Active During Non-Winter Months:

Our kids who can play outdoors are 11, 10, 4, and 2. We go on walks quite a bit all year long, aside from winter months when it's way too cold, icy, or snowing of course! When it comes to keeping our kids active at home during non-winter months, our go-to is walks to the park or just around town. 

Summer Park Program for School-Age Kids

During the summer months (early June until early August), our older two kids go to a weekday summer park program at our local park for five hours Monday - Friday, and I drop them off and pick them up as we only live about a two minute walk from that park, which is so nice! Not all states have this type of program available, but we're glad that our area does.

They usually pack lunch but have the option to buy from concession as well. It's also a FREE summer program, which I am so thankful for and they have a lot of fun. They always have a day usually in July where they do tie-dye shirts, so of course we always send them with as many white t-shirts as there are kids, so usually four! They have fun with that and are excited to give it to us after I go pick them up! 

They love the program too because their friends from school go to it and there is a good bit of being organized to it since college students and a teacher at their school run it - crafts, games, and field trips during the summer! We have been participating in it for 3 years now, and it keeps kids busy in a good way during the majority of the summer, with friends! 

Go to a local river or pond to cool off and swim a little bit. 

Another great way to keep kids active is to take them to a river or pond to swim and have some fun, with adult supervision of course! We have quite a walk to get to the one by our house, but we go when I want to take the walk and it's warm enough but they usually only go to their knees with older two, and feet for the younger two to get a little wet is all to cool off. 

Set a Water Table Up for Younger Kids to Play with in Your Yard, with Toys

This option is for younger kids but is a fun one and that's to get the water table out for playing with water and their water toys they can put in it! I just set it up in our back yard to play with and refill it with water as we need to. We also have a sandbox, which they absolutely love to get in and play with sand toys in! This is more of a summertime activity. 

Enjoy a Nice Cookout with Friends and/or Family

This is one of our family's favorite things to do during most months aside from winter, and that is to have a cookout with friends, as well as my in-laws and enjoy a nice/fun meal with everyone! 

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