How is Lego Technic Different to Normal Lego?

From its humble beginnings in Ole Kirk Christiansen’s workshop in Billund, Denmark, Lego has evolved into a global household staple. The iconic bricks can be found in children’s toyboxes in every corner of the globe and have been used to build eye-catching, gravity-defying sculptures that have delighted children and parents alike. 

Very few toys can boast of having their own theme park. Lego has two. But the company has expanded beyond its roots of brightly colored rectangular blocks. With the arrival of Lego Technic, users are able to build ever more complex and technical designs and bring their elaborate design creations to life. 
What is Lego Technic 
Lego Technic sets are similar to the standard Lego brick sets, but they include additional pieces, such as rods, gears, axels, and pins, that allow the user to build models with mechanical, moving parts. Some pieces even come with small motors that allow for electrical components. 
There are two construction methods used in Lego Technic. Some sets will use traditional Lego studs. These connect together in exactly the same way as normal Lego blocks, with small interconnecting circular knobs and divots. Alternatively, since 2000, Lego has made studless Lego Technic sets available. These components connect to each other using rods and pins rather than the studs. 
With the introduction of pins and beams, Lego Technic sets can create moving arms and more complex engineering designs that were unachievable with standard Lego blocks and sets. More generally, Lego Technic sets are more complex and may appeal to children who have gotten bored with traditional Lego and are looking for something new to challenge themselves with. 
There really is no limit on the complexity of the structures you can build with Lego Technic sets. The Bugatti Chiron set, for example, has around 3,600 pieces. 
Starting out? Some Tips
If you are going to take the plunge into the world of Lego Technics, there are some tips to get you started towards building your first model. 
Reinforce Structure
Using normal Lego, you may have had to think about your structure and the weight your model can carry, but with Lego Technic, where there are heavier motors, arms and moving parts, your structure takes on a new level of importance. 
As an arm moves, for example, it will radically change the weight distribution of your structure. You don’t want the whole thing to topple as soon as you move the arm. Reinforce your structures by building triangular supports where possible or adding a few strategically placed beams.

Use the Components for Their Purpose
Lego designed its Technic components so that they are highly fit for purpose. Therefore, your models will be more structurally sound and mobile if you use the designated component for the designated function.   
For example, if you are building a large, heavy structure that rotates, instead of rotating it on a single axis, use the Technic turntable component for smoother rotation and added stability. If you aren’t sure what a component does or are looking for a component with a specific function, you can use the Lego site as a resource. 

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