Girls Everywhere will Love Cotton Candy Cuties from Zuru Toys

*Disclaimer - The products in this post were sent thanks to Zuru Toys, in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Are you looking for some great tween girl gift ideas? Look no further!

Tween girls are into all sorts of different products/toys nowadays, but one product I KNOW a lot are into and are a huge hit in general is SLIME

Yep, there I said it - S L I M E. The fun sticky kind you may ask? 

No, actually the slime in these Cotton Candy Cuties are not sticky hardly at all, and I for one am super happy/thankful about that! She is having a lot of fun keeping up with all of the slime that she got in these, as well as sharing the squishies that came with them too. 

She was nice enough to share those with her two year old sister who adores playing with squishies. Each one of the Cotton Candy Cuties received came with a squishy inside of the slime. How fun is that? Oh, it is fun to watch her open it to find them. 

There were several of the Cotton Candy Cuties sent to her, so she has several of the squishies to play with, in addition to the multiple slimes! 

She has those stored in quart size bags at my request, although they come with a nice casing. I just don't want the younger two getting into the slime so they're being stored differently, but she kept the cases to use for other things and slimes she has! 

The good thing about the slimes in these is that it's fluffy slime, and so much easier to manage - with little to no messes, and the fact that they all smell really nice too.

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