Entertaining for Fall with Zak Designs

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Zak Designs, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for some nice tableware and more for fall entertaining?

When it comes to fall, I absolutely love to have new kitchen accessories specifically for having guests over and that is where Zak comes into play. They have so much to choose from for homes, so it was hard to pick my favorites that I wanted to be able to feature in this post for you guys to see.

When it comes to baking, my husband does a lot of it cookie wise, as well as pies closer to the holidays and in a bigger household, you can never have too many measuring cups! I love the colors of this set I received and will probably buy more later in the year.

When it comes to making pasta, browning hamburger, and more you will need a good sturdy collander, right? Well, of course Zak has one and it's better quality by far than I had previously.

The one I got is a good large 3 quart in size and is perfect for our big family's needs for our dinners at home, and when making food for friends and family visiting! I like how hard it is, and holds the pasta better for sure too. I use it all the time for draining our pasta and cooked hamburger.

When it comes to having guests over for a dinner or just to hangout and eat, it's always a great idea to have a good casual pitcher for drinks, and I found the one I love and use all the time now from Zak. It's a good size one, being 2 quarts in size. I make Koolaid in it often for my husband, and it's good to make iced tea in as well as other drinks you may like. 

For stirring, whether it's your pasta, entrees for guests, mashed potatoes or something else you'll need a good spoon and I found one I enjoy using all week in our home in addition to when we have people over. Check out this slotted spoon in delmar color.

With having a larger family, having a multitude of mixing bowls and prep bowls is important and good to have around the house. Especially when you're wanting to mix up some brownies or make a cake, etc. I was thrilled when I got these bowls and know you would enjoy them too!

This is another good mixing bowl. I prefer to use this one for when I make pasta and put it all in the bowl to share, or use it for sharing potato chips with salsa and such.

This bowl is my #1 favorite that I received because I make a lot of cake and brownies to mix in this bowl. It's a nice size and if perfect for double batches too. 

These bowls are perfect for small portions of things such as prepping chopped/sliced onions, sliced/diced green peppers, and more. 

The last item that I received is a fun one of course, because it's The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack the Pumpkin King mug. This one is sure to be a big hit this fall for sure. This will be perfect for pumpkin spice lattes, coffee and more!

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