Delicious and Some New Products from Ferrara USA Candy

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Ferrara USA, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for some delicious variety of candy?

When it comes to candy, I am a huge lover of the Ferrara brands, and the candies that they have available in stores. I've bought their brands of candies for so many years, even from when I was a kid and teenager. So, being able to work with them is awesome. 

They have some great selections of brands, from Nerd's, to Brach's, to Trolli, and more, and always have! So many options for snacks and good for kids and adults alike, and best of all they're delicious for everyone.

When you think of Trolli, you think of sour gummy worms, right? Well, they have come out with several different flavors now and the ones that we received are: mystery night crawlers, very berry, and sour brite crawlers. 

I personally love all of these varieties so far, but I'm not as fond of the mystery flavor only because I can't pinpoint the flavors and they are a bit different, but they're still good taste wise for sure. 

Our kids absolutely love these as well and have been getting hold of them even though I put them up out of reach. So, I have a feeling I will be buying more for myself. 

A big favorite brand of candy that I have always had that they have sold for many, many years in a lot of varieties and flavors is Nerds, so I knew that I wanted to help in promoting the new products they have out. 

We were sent some Nerds Rope, as well as the new big chewy Nerds crunchy and chewy candy. The chewy one I let our kids share between the older three mainly, and they like it. I grew up with Nerds rope, so I kept a couple for myself and they were delicious. 

The final set of candies that we were sent were from Brach's and are chocolates, my husband and younger two were excited about mainly. They love chocolate covered things, especially raisins and peanuts and other nuts. My husband  has been enjoying these as a late night snack. 

He said that his favorite ones are: 
- Double Dipped Peanuts
- Chocolate Covered Raisins
- Almond Supremes

Our kids have been enjoying some of these as well and they said their favorites are the peanuts and raisins. 

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