Cry Babies Magic Tears - A Gift for Young Kids to Enjoy

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Cry Babies, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for a fun toy for your younger kids to enjoy?

When it comes to gift ideas, I run low on them sometimes because our kids have so much stuff when it comes to toys and such. Our toddler likes Cry Babies dolls, so when I was told I could get some of their new products known as Cry Babies Magic Tears, I was thrilled. 

These would make for great stocking stuffers if you take them out of the packaging, or gift if you keep them as is. 

These are made for younger kids age wise I'm pretty sure as the sizing of the baby dolls are a lot smaller, making it easier for playing with for toddler age girls. These are also fun, but do have a few small pieces within the packaging, which I set aside for her- purses for the dolls. 

She sure has enjoyed playing with these Cry Babies, and has them all over the house much of the time with her other dolls. These dolls in particular are the perfect size for her to play with, and they come with 8 accessories per doll packaging. She has fun with the bottle and blanket, with the dolls. 

These dolls are adorable and fit perfectly in the palm of her hand too! She got a good few of them, but here is a picture of some of the ones that she got. 

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