#AngryBirds2 Virgin Pina Colada to Stay Refreshed

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card for promoting this movie.

Are you looking for a delicious summer drink for the family to enjoy?

When it comes to enjoying drinks that everyone will enjoy, you can't really go wrong with this delicious recipe I found online for a virgin pina colada. Our kids are pretty iffy on getting to like a new drink they have never had, but two out of the four kids seem to love it. 

I got all of the ingredients that I needed on Walmart's website and it finally all arrived today, just in time for me to do this post for you guys! I am pretty keen on coconut everything for flavor, but one thing I had never had before was a pina colada, whether it's virgin or not and it was so good!

Recipe for a Virgin Pina Colada
- 2 Cups of pineapple juice
- 3/4 Cup of coconut milk
- Fill the blender to where the juice hits with ice. I used 1 1/2 trays of ice.
- Put the setting on frozen drink until stirred well and enjoy!

Enjoy your delicious drink!!

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