Riding in Style with the Ryda Bikes Moab - 24" White Youth Unisex Mountain Bike

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Ryda Bikes in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a great bike for your kids?

When it comes to bikes, our kids love having a good bike or several. Our 10 year old daughter's bike that she had prior to this new one was getting rusted and the brakes stopped working, so I was on the lookout for a new bike for her. 

You can buy this Ryda Bikes Moab - 24" White Youth Unisex Mountain Bike on Amazon for $254.99, or on their website for just $244.99! This is very much worth every penny. This bike is very sturdy and very well made too. 

My husband is a great handy man and thankfully, he has shown our oldest son how to fix some things as well as put things together so our son knew how to help me get her new bike assembled, so this bike is put together thanks to her brother!

He has a tendency to put together and take apart his bikes to an extent when his chain pops off or something when he's at the park or with friends and it comes off, so he has some experience with fixing bikes somewhat. 

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It was fairly simple for him to put the bike together as there wasn't a lot for him to need to assemble really, and he's only 11! I think he did a wonderful job and thanked him for his help, of course. He was very proud of himself that he was able to get it all put together without his dad's help too!

He tried out the bike before she did and he likes it enough he wants me to work with the brand again in the future for him one in a different style but same size, eventually. 

The really cool thing about this bike is that it's an airless tire bike, so you don't have to worry about pumping air into the tires. This bike is made of tannus flat proof airless tires, and are guaranteed up to 5,000 miles! 

The bike comes fully loaded and is a very high quality bike! She has had it so far for a month and absolutely LOVES it! It's great and has had zero issues and we keep it stored on our porch so it's not outside where it can get rained on. 

The bike includes:
- Kickstand
- Adjustable cushioned seat
- Reflectors

Her old bike before this one was a 20 or 22 inch in size and fit her fine, but she can also use a 24 inch that her brother has with no problem too. This Moab bike most definitely gets an A++ in our daughter's book and is a wonderful bike for older kids who need a 24 inch bike. 

Our 10 and 11 year old both fit on a 24 inch bike, so just be sure to measure your kids from their hip to the ground for an accurate measurement on which size bike they will need for their height.

She uses her new bike everyday when she and her older brother go to the park program during the week. We all like how easy it is to use the kick stand on this bike. It's much easier to manage than other bikes we have owned in the past. It actually stays up and holds up the bike correctly. 

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