Pros and Cons of Moving to a New State

Many people move out of state every year. The latest United Van Lines study showed that the top states residents are leaving are in the Northeast and the Rust Belt, including Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts, typically due to retirement or the desire to be closer to family.

While a move a new state (or a new province if you’re one of the many searching through the Calgary houses for sale in Alberta) can be a good idea, those big moves typically comes with a number of both pros and cons, including these.


Career Advancement. Many people make moves to help advance their careers, taking advantage of a
job opportunity that can come with a higher income and perhaps the chance to move up the ladder. A
different state may have different jobs that not only help you break the usual day-to-day routine but may
be a lot more exciting than what you’re doing now. Even if you aren’t offered a new job before you move,
relocating may be a good way to take better advantage of what’s available in the area.
New Friends. Moving to a new state may mean leaving old friends behind, but it also means meeting
lots of new people bringing great potential for making new friends. Not only will you meet new colleagues
, but you might attend local social events or clubs, join a gym or take part in other opportunities that
increase the odds of meeting people you have something in common with.
Personal Growth. Moving to a new place provides an excellent opportunity for personal growth and can
even help expand the mind as studies have found that new challenges, even something as simply as
having to navigate new roads, boosts brain power, as the Scientific American reports.
A Fresh Start. Getting a fresh start in a brand-new state can be a great way to improve the overall
quality of your life and help you learn new things along the way. You’ll be around different people at work
and in your neighborhood, perhaps develop a new routine and achieve some personal goals you never
thought you could.


The Cost. Moving can be expensive, even if you move everything on your own, especially if you’re
moving a long distance which can cost thousands of dollars. On the upside, if you move to take on a
more prestigious job, the money you spend may more than pay for itself with that higher income.
Otherwise, you’ll need to consider whether the expense will be worth the advantages of living in that new

Leaving Family and Friends. The hardest part about moving to a different state is leaving family and
friends behind. If you’re used to having them nearby, their absence can be something that’s difficult to
get used to. While you can always stay in touch using technology like FaceTime and Skype, it won’t be
the same. That’s something you’ll really want to do some serious thinking about. If you have kids to
consider, it can be even harder on them to leave their friends and school, so think about the impact on
them as well.

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