Get Your Child the Ultimate Collector's Quest this Summer

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Excell Marketing and Fairfield, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are your kids a big fan of collecting things? Then you'll love this post. 

When it comes to collecting, our kids don't do a lot of it but if you're talking about Pokemon cards and packs, our oldest son who is eleven sure does. He has for several years now, but took a two year break and just started wanting to get more a few weeks ago actually which is perfect timing for this post! 

You can get the Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds Zeraora Theme Deck, on Amazon and likely at Walmart as well. That is where we buy a lot of his Pokemon products and card decks. They have so much to choose from, and this set of Pokemon is going to be a big hit this summer!

He was at the park program when these two packages came in the mail and when he came home his jaw dropped and he was very excited to see that he got quite a bit of new Pokemon cards to add to his nice collection! He has tins and containers that he stores them in as he gets more.

And not only did they send the exact sets that we always bought and buy new ones of, but he also received two Sun-Moon Unbroken Bonds Elite Trainer Box(es) too, which he is excited to open and see what it's about as that's one we have not ever gotten him yet. 

When it comes to cards, he also loves to get baseball cards and he along with his friends were excited when I gave him a couple decks of the Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2 cards, which have 34 cards per pack in them. He already traded several of them with friends he hangs out with, and they all love them so far! 

The other awesome products we received is the Petz Value Box which I gave our ten year old daughter and she loved everything that was in it and is sharing the stuffed animal that came with it, with her younger siblings of course which I found very nice to do. 

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