Cloth Diapers Make a Wonderful Gift

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy shop Melissa's Makes, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you wanting to cloth diaper and looking for some adorable diapers to get?

If you're reading this post you might be interested in cloth diapering and wondering what kind of diaper this is to get. I received a one size pocket cloth diaper with insert. The one that I was sent is unavailable, but she has others on her shop, Melissa's Makes to choose from and she has pocket diapers, as well as newborn and AIO

I am gifting this beautiful diaper to a good friend of mine who is due in early October and wants to try cloth diapering with her little one. I love the design and color of this gorgeous cloth diaper. These make for a wonderful gift for family or friends at a baby shower or just in general. This diaper is really soft and is very well made and has an adorable design. This one is made with snaps which makes the diapering easier for parents and caregivers. 

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Here is some information about this diaper you should know:
- It's 100% Polyurethane Outer
- It's 100% Polyester Inner
- Wash cold and hang to dry
- It's made for 8 - 42 lbs

I got an insert with the cloth diaper that I received which is super helpful when it comes to gifting, so that the parents don't need to buy them separately once baby arrives. In the long run, cloth diapering saves parents a lot of money by stocking up on cloth diapers and inserts.

Here's some very helpful information that was included with this diaper, from Melissa's Makes:
- When preparing dirty diapers for washing, you'll want to soak your diapers for a couple of hours at least, before washing them to help with stain removal
- Some parents use a bucket or pail to soak the diapers in, with a little baking soda to help fight the odors
- Don't leave the diapers to soak for too long because it could set the stains
- Empty your pail/bucket into the toilet before putting the diapers in the washer
- Don't use laundry detergent that has fragrances or whitening ingredients
- Most cloth diapering parents will tell you that they only use half the amount of detergent on diapers that you'd use with clothes
- Diapers and inserts can be washed together, but do a separate load from your regular laundry
- When it comes to volume, most washing machines should only have about 24 diapers and inserts in one load so be sure to plan according to that
- Melissa's Makes diapers include PUL laminate fabric, so it can be warm washed but do hang to dry
- Be sure that the diapers are well rinsed with no soap in the water at the last cycle; you can re rinse if needed
- If your diapers don't have a fresh odor to them and still have a smell, be sure to re-wash them. The odors can mean that the diapers contain bacteria, which can irritate your baby's skin and cause a rash
- When drying cloth diapers, hang or line dry the diapers because it's a cheap and environmentally friendly option to do
- Hanging your cloth diapers in the sunlight will help whiten your diapers, but might cause them to get a little stiff. You can throw them in the dryer  for a few minutes to soften them up
- If you put them in the dryer, be sure to use it on low/medium heat

Some good information to know about babies and the amount of cloth diapers they might use:
- Newborn: 12 to 18 diapers per day (one to two loads if you wash every other day)
- Babies 6 to 18 months: 12 diapers per day (one load if you wash every other day)
- Toddlers 18 months and up: 9 diapers per day (one load if you wash every other day)
- Toddlers who are potty training: 3 - 6 diapers per day (one load if you wash every other day)

Sizing information to know about cloth diapers:
AIO, Pocket Diapers, and OS Covers: 8 - 42 lbs 
Swim Diapers: 7 - 32 lbs
Newborn Diapers and Covers: 7 - 13 lbs

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