Best Kitchen Items for Moms from Zak Designs

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Zak Designs, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some new kitchen items that are a must for moms?

I am a mother of four (almost five) and I like to make cakes and brownies, especially during summer months when our kids are home and not in school, so they can help ice the cake or have warm brownies. These will also be a good set for chopping fresh vegetables, as well as making fruit salads. 

Best Kitchen Items for Moms from Zak Designs:

Well, Zak has this one Confetti Recycled Plastic Mixing Bowl Set - Orange that I've had my eyes on for a couple of years now. It's a very nice 4 piece plastic mixing bowl set that they sell. I love how colorful this set is and how it has a nice variety of sizes for each bowl.

And, I'm absolutely thrilled that it was one of the products that I received to do this post. I decided that I was going to make some brownies for this post and use two of the bowls that come in this set for mixing everything together to make it. 

This set is gorgeous for one as I just love how it was designed and the colors go well together and are perfect for our kitchen. I put them where I keep our other mixing bowls, as well as our containers. I can tell that these will be a great addition to our kitchen. 

These confetti bowls are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe, but are NOT microwave safe! 

This set of mixing bowls includes the following sizes:
- 4 quart
- 2 1/2 quart
- 1 1/4 quart
- 18 ounce

Another great item for moms to have is the Confetti Recycled Plastic Soup Bowls - Blue for their family. We received several of these which is absolutely perfect for not only a bowl of soup, but also ice cream, cereal, and more! These will be used quite often, if not daily.

Today, we used a few of these for ice cream, as well as cereal. I love how much these bowls hold, even for kids not just us as adults. These are going to be a great set for our family to have. I like these a lot better than glass bowls that's for sure. 

The next item I received is a big favorite so far and will be used a lot. I am using it for macaroni salad at the moment and it's the perfect size for a nice portion of salad, fruit salad, etc. 

You can find the Confetti Recycled Plastic Mixing Bowl with Cover - Grape which is a 3 quart plastic mixing bowl with cover, on their website! I absolutely love this one so far and recommend it to all moms to have, especially if you make salads or pasta salads a lot. I think this will be my new favorite bowl to have at home. 

I decided to make some macaroni salad and since this bowl comes with a lid, I found it to be perfect for this. For my macaroni salad, I made it with penne pasta and once it was done cooking and I drained it, I added miracle whip, chopped celery, and some sugar for flavor! 

The final product that I received for this featured post is the Spritz Plastic Soup Bowls - Mint which I received four of, which is perfect for us as we can swap between the other bowls and these for what we need them for. 

Moms will love these, because you can easily put snacks in these for kids or pasta, cereal, etc. It has several uses you can have them for like most bowls.

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