Using a Toddler's Imagination with Play Kitchen Sets from Hape Toys

*Disclaimer - Hape Toys sent the products in this post for reviewing purposes. All thoughts are my own.

Are you looking for some fun kitchen food toys for your toddler?

Our younger two kids love to play with their toys, but one thing they really enjoy is pretending to cook with toys. I was excited when I found out that they'd be able to work with Hape Toys again and this time for some play kitchen foods! 

The first set of toys that they got is mainly for our two-year-old daughter, but our son plays with these too! They like to pretend it's a birthday celebration with these and we sing "Happy Birthday", for fun! 

These are the Cupcakes from Hape and are a fun way to pretend with your child! These are a lot of fun because they come with a pretend candle on top to blow a wish from. 

I love how they just have a great imagination when it comes to playing with their toys and pretending in general. They always have a fun time playing especially with toys. 

Here is our son proud of putting a good few of their new toys in a big pile for a fun picture. 

These toys are wonderful for toddlers and are easy to keep them entertained. Our kids have played with them for two hours at a time sometimes, which is a lot for them because they usually don't stay entertained that long at all. 

You can get this next set of toys called Fast Food Set, for your little ones to enjoy. This set is a lot of fun for little ones to play with. It has what all kids love - french fries and hot dog, as well as ketchup bottle, and a hamburger!

While we were watching TV last night, our daughter had the toys in a container and was just content as could be playing with them! She has been really enjoying these fun toys. 

The one toy that they have been playing with more than others is the Pop Up Toaster with bread slices. That one is a fun one that they caught on quick to and have been playing a lot with wanting to make a sandwich for us!

I love the great quality of toys that Hape Toys has to offer and if I could, I'd buy half of the toys on their website! They have SO many different great ones for toddlers to choose from. This next set is such a great one for small hands and big imaginations to play with!

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