Reflecting on the 2010s and Pop Culture

Reflecting on the 2010s and Pop Culture

The 2010s have been a wild ride that have changed the way we live. Technology is coming out faster than ever, making the world more digitized than ever. As a result, pop culture has gone through some radical changes over the decade. The music, movies, fashion, gaming, and television industries have all gone through massive upheaval and have been completely redefined. With the decade coming to a close, it's time to look back at what defined these ten years and analyze the major trends that gripped the world. Here’s a reflection of the 2010s and its pop culture

Music may be synonymous with pop culture, as it defines such a large aspect of our lives. Every decade has music that defines the years, and this decade was no different. The 2010s was defined by the resurgence in hip-hop and rap culture. Many new artists stepped up to the plate and released music that defined the decade. Artists like Drake, Migos, and Kendrck Lamar led the charge in terms of this trend. Pop music was still insanely popular, as artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift continued their successful careers. Many people contributed to the music of this decade, across many genres as well.  

From country trios to rap groups, music was defined by so many people in this decade, that it might be tough for some people to put their finger on specific decade defining trends. However, it's still clear to see that the decade gave birth to several superstars who made themselves into household names.

Movies are one of the biggest parts of the entertainment industry and pop culture, so it’s no wonder that movies helped define the pop culture of the 2010s. One rising trend of the movies of this decade was the rise in popularity of superhero movies. This trend was capped off by the Marvel Cinematic Movie and their blockbuster Avengers  movies.

The advancement in technology has also had a major effect on movies in this time period. Advancements in CGI and digital rendering has allowed movies to create gorgeous visuals and cinematics. This has paved the way for beautiful revivals of many old series, such as the continuation of the Star Wars saga. For as long as movies continue to dominate the entertainment industry, they will also continue to dictate popular culture.

Fashion is an industry that is always rapidly evolving throughout the decades, and this decade was no different. It is always tricky to pin down trends and pop culture in fashion, as something that may in trend one day may be out of style the very next. That being said, there still were a couple looks that defined the decade. Hipster clothing was extremely popular, especially with the younger generations. In addition, the prevalence of athletic wear such as leggings and sweatpants was another thing that defined every day fashion.

In addition, this decade saw the rise of influencers advertising and defining fashion. What people wore and talked about on their social media posts had a major influence on purchasing decisions when it came to fashion. This led to fashion and social media being closely intertwined, and even further entrenched fashion into our pop culture.

As internet and communication technology improves, gaming becomes more and more prevalent in our society. The 2010s saw a shift in focus, as the games were made with a focus on online play, rather than single player or split-screen. This allowed several games to become extremely popular and even penetrate mainstream pop culture. The creative world-building game Minecraft gained a playerbase of millions while the recently released Battle Royale game Fortnite has captivated millions of players worldwide. Gaming is a major part of the 2010s pop culture, and is now more intertwined with mainstream media than it ever has been before


Television has seen a similar shift in technologies that movies have, leading to a prevalence of heavy CGI use. This means that television shows are as crisp and visually pleasing as ever. Another big development in television is the creation of streaming platforms. Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO allow users to stream television shows anytime on demand. This has helped massive hits such as Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, and The Walking Dead reach millions of homes and allows television to make its mark on pop culture.

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