Kids will Love the Creative Cafe Frappe Maker

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from RoseArt in order to facilitate this review.

Do your kids want to make their own drinks? NOW they can!

I was excited that our daughter who is ten would be able to try out the Creative Cafe Frappe Maker because she has mentioned wanting one but didn't know where to find it. For this, it comes with a slushy mug that you will need to put in the freezer for 12 or more hours before being able to use it for the drink. 

It comes with the following:
- Reusable frappe cup
- Lid for cup
- Spoon Straw
- Slushy mug
- Strawberry cream, mango, and apple powder flavor to mix
- Easy to follow steps for ages 6 and up

She added milk into the cup that we froze for 12 - 16 hours prior to using and mixed in the strawberry flavor. She said that she loves this flavor and wants to get some more of it. 

Your child will need to continue to stir and scrape off the side of the cup with the provided spoon until it becomes like a slushie type mixture. And it also smells amazing with this flavor.

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