Keeping School Age Kids Entertained During Their Summer Break

As you know, we have two older kids who are 10 and 11 and I wanted to give ideas on how to keep older kids entertained during their summer break.

What do your older kids do during their summer break to stay entertained?

Our school age kids always go to a park program they love to go to for five hours a day during the week, usually, the week after school lets out until the first week in August, minus July 4. 

Aside from the park program they do with friends, they also play with their siblings some at home, as well as at the bigger park that has slides that we also walk to. They play video games some, but they like to be outside so they spend a good amount of time with friends who live near us as we live in a very small town. 

They have a fun time playing with their friends, whether it be at the local park or at their/our house, etc. Of course, we let them do lots of sleepovers too on their summer break too. Their favorite part of summer break though is no early morning alarms as well as later bed time. 

We do go to a local pool, but only when my husband can go too because I am not a good swimmer so I'd feel a lot better about it if he went. Our son also loves to fish, so I'm sure he will probably go fishing with a friend or two this summer as well. 

We have a 14 foot trampoline that I got from Jump Sport last year that they love to jump on when they're home and it's nice out too, so there's always jumping whether it's with siblings or friends they may have over. We also have a playground in our backyard that my husband built for them, so they enjoy playing sometimes on the top level.

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