Fastest Ways to Recover from a Sports Injury

Fastest Ways to Recover from a Sports Injury

Anyone who’s played a sport has likely gotten an injury from it. No sport comes without the potential for injuries. Not only can sports injuries be extremely painful, but they can cause athletes to lose out on practice time.  Many athletes find themselves trying to recover as soon as possible to not miss out on any time.

Athletes suffering from a sports injury should check out the following way to help speed up their recovery time.

Follow the RICE method

Most people who have taken a health class in the past will be familiar with the RICE method:


Like with any injury, after suffering a sports injury it’s important to rest to prevent yourself from getting injured any further.  According to experts at, you need to rest well for the treatments and therapies to work on the injury. Whether it is chiro, pain management, or massage therapy, you will need to put your body into rest mode.


Icing the injured area can help bring down any swelling. Putting ice on the area for 20 minutes at a time a few times a day won’t heal the injury any faster, but it will bring temporary pain relief.


Elastic bandages can do a lot to keep the swelling from a sports injury down. When using elastic bandages for compression, it’s important to not keep them on for more than 48, so the blood can flow naturally.


Keeping the injured area above heart level can help keep blood back to the heart to reduce swelling and pain.

Get extra sleep

Rest is an important component of the RICE method, but making sure to sleep more during an injury is also a beneficial way to treat an injury quickly. When you sleep, your body has time to repair itself, including healing your injury. Giving your body the time to gain a little more sleep gives it the chance to heal faster.

Consult a doctor

For sports injuries that are more serious, it's best to get treatment right away from a medical professional. Trained medical professionals are the only ones who can treat serious injuries and can provide testing, like a rotator tear cuff test, to treat the injury most effectively. If the injury isn’t an emergency, you can schedule an appointment with your primary care provider who can help you find the right treatment. If the injury is an emergency, you can get treatment from an urgent care clinic. Furthermore, if you are experiencing pain from a chronic injury, then it is recommended to establish contact with a pain management clinic as soon as possible. A quick search for "pain management in Chandler, AZ" or your current location will put you in contact with the right professionals to help you.

Don’t rush recovery
Even though you may want to get through the recovery period as quickly as possible, rushing your body will only make an injury worse. Once the injury is fully healed, it’s still important to take your time and ease back into physical activity to prevent further injuries.

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