Babies will Love the Ultimate Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, Lots a Dots

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Delta Children, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for the perfect bassinet for your little one?

As a mom of four (and due with 5th in September), I know how important it is to get a bassinet for the first couple of months or at least we have always used one for the first little bit for our kids. 

I wasn't sure if we were having a boy or girl when I first got this bassinet, but we found out Friday we are having a girl! This design known as the Ultimate Sweet Beginnings Bassinet, Lots A Dots is going to work perfectly and is great for boy or girl as it has a nice neutral look to it. 

You can get this from several different retailers, so pick the one you want best. I decided to use our kids' Curious George as our 'model' since our baby girl isn't due until September. I love how easy it was to get put together. My husband helped put it together, along with our almost four-year-old son. 

As you can see in the picture below, this bassinet has a nice amount of room for baby to lay/sleep in comfortably.

The other favorite part of this particular bassinet that I like and am looking forward to using with her is the musical portion of it that you attach to the side of it. Of course, you need to add batteries and then it'll work great. It has music for baby in it, as well as vibration and night light in it to help soothe baby if you choose to use it. 

The last part of this bassinet I wanted to show to you is the storage portion of it which is at the bottom of it. I plan on using it to put some diapers, wipes, and a rattle or two. 

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