Spring Time is Fun with Hape Toys for Toddlers

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Hape Toys, in order to facilitate my review.

Are you looking for some fun spring toys?

Our younger two kids love playing outside (older two do too) and they love to fill buckets with sand or water, or mulch type ground at the park! I was very excited when I found out that we'd be able to work with Hape Toys because they have so much variety of different toys for toddlers. 

I had no idea what they'd be sending out of the options I sent, but when the package arrived, our kids ran to the door right away to see what they got! They definitely loved/love what they got and have been playing with most of it all day today, and evening yesterday together. 

We will likely be going to a beach about two hours from us, in June or July with a friend of ours and their kids and these toys will definitely be going with us for them to play with the sand! 

This set of toys is a fun one for them both and is the Ice Cream Shop, and they have a fun time filling the ice cream cones up with water, sand, etc! This is a fun/cute way to teach kids to play pretend. 

The set that our 2-year-old daughter likes the most is the Baker's Trio which is a fun little set for kids to have fun pretending to bake with these toys that they can play pretend with. 

One of their favorite toys in the nice set of them that they received is definitely the Scoop and Pail, and they use this quite often especially when we went to the park earlier with the rubber chips. This is a great quality pail and so is the scoop. They had a lot of fun playing with these at the park earlier.

We haven't mastered trying the Cat Walk, Blue out yet but with the help of older siblings, they will. It's going to be a fun one to watch them learn to use. Our older two will catch on quick with it though until our older toddler is 4 or so. 

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