Nursing will be Easier with this Navy and White Anchor Nursing Cover

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy shop, As Cute As Babies for reviewing purposes. 

Are you looking for a nice nursing cover?

When it comes to nursing, I have two kids who I weaned after a year who are older now and I found out I am pregnant in January so I will be using this nice nursing cover in September when our baby is born. 

I use a nursing cover for the first month in a half or two months until I get use to nursing when out and about. The best thing about this nursing cover is the ring portion of it which allows you to adjust the cover to your comfort level for nursing your little one. 

I also love the design which is called Navy and White Anchor and can be bought for just $25. I put this cover in my dresser until I need it in September. With four other kids, we will be out and about quite often where it'll be coming in handy, especially with basketball games and more. 

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