Guide To An Unforgettable Family In Sri Lanka

For the frequent travelers, we have all heard Sri Lanka was ranked top country for travel in 2019 by Lonely Planet. Surely, you would be thinking, “But will it be a good place for the kids?” Sri Lanka is definitely a great holiday destination! Here are some places and activities perfect for the kids.


When you’re with your children, you definitely cannot miss the beach. Sri Lanka is surrounded by many sandy beaches but not all of them are safe for families. The pounding waves could get very dangerous even for swimmers so those beaches are best left to the surfers. The two beaches that are calmer and quieter would be Ambalangoda Beach and Mirissa Beach. These two are good for the kids!

Kosgoda Turtle hatchery

There are a lot of turtle hatcheries in Sri Lanka, but not many are ethically run. You can join in to save these endangered turtles with the Kosgoda Turtle Care program, where you can experience releasing baby sea turtles into the ocean personally. The hatchery protects these sea turtle eggs until they hatch, before releasing them to their natural habitat. It’s rather comforting to see that they even treat disabled and weak turtles as well. What a special experience to share with your kids.  

Udawalawe National Park

If you are in for more wildlife, make sure to check out Udawalawe National Park. The place is known to be one of the best places to see elephants in their natural habitat. The kids will be in awe to observe these gentle giants. During the tour, they will also be able to spot water buffalos, peacocks, monkeys and more!

Sri Lankan Food

The Sri Lankan curry is definitely something you will try here. The curry can be quite hot for the kids, so be careful! One child-friendly that your kids will definitely love is the Hoppers, also known as Appam, which is a traditional Sri Lankan snack food that you can easily find at the roadside stalls. They are bowl-shaped pancakes with eggs, coconut sauce and onion chutney. The roti and kotu roti are another two more street food specialities that you should try.

It’s easy to find a family-friendly accommodation in Sri Lanka. There are many private villas in Sri Lanka that are perfect for the kids. These villas offer plenty of space for the little ones to roam around. Having lots of space also means that parents have a place to relax and enjoy an evening drink once the kids have gone to bed. Having a picky eater in the family? Don’t worry. Many villas have an in-house chef to cater to your needs! Here are some recommended villas.

What’s best about this villa is that it is 10 minutes walk away from the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery mentioned above if you are keen to visit it. This also means it is very near to the beach - good for the kids! Also, the villa is very spacious, there is a large garden for them to run about. If they want to stay indoors, there is a media room to keep them occupied as well.

Lots of fun for the kids in this villa! There are water slides and Jacuzzi outdoors just for them. They have a children’s room as well with six bunk beds and a nursery with twin single beds, which is also attached to the master suite. So the parents can check on the kids any time they want.

There is really not much to worry about when bringing your kids to Sri Lanka. The accommodation is taken care of, there are plenty of activities and places to visit. If it’s all good for your kids, what are you waiting for!

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