DIY Ugly Dolls Craft

*Disclaimer - I received a gift card for purchasing everything I needed for this post. 

Would you like to see how to make your kids their own Ugly Dolls?

I was really excited when I found out we'd be part of a DIY Ugly Dolls Craft, and a huge thanks to my mom's big help- we got two done. It took quite a bit of time to complete the blue one due to the type of material it's made of, but all in all, it turned out very cute.

You'll need:
- Hot glue sticks
- Fabric
- Scissors
- Buttons
- Needle and thread

My mom worked on one of them prior to them coming to visit us Easter weekend, and we helped with putting the hot glue with buttons on it since she's the sewing expert in my family. She said that the material for the blue Ugly Doll was hard to work with, but is doable. This is a fun craft to do on a rainy day or when you have the day to work on it with your child or just yourself, to make for your child. 

You'll need to cut out the shape of the Ugly Doll you want to make for this craft and then sew it together piece by piece, and then close to the end of the craft you will need the hot glue sticks for adding the face to your Ugly Doll.

The end product is adorable! Once you stuff it, it'll look like this sewn up!

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