Babies Love Deluxe+Dock DockATot

*Disclaimer - My contributor received the product in this post from DockATot, in order to facilitate this post. 

Are you looking for a good place for resting while mom is awake for baby? 

My contributor had her little boy a few weeks earlier than expected, but he got to come home not too long ago and she said that he loves the DockATot, and as you can see he looks pretty content in it too! It's nice and soft, as well as sturdy/comfortable for baby to lay down.

DockATots are wonderful inventions for moms of babies. They're great for when the baby is asleep during the day or with mom. These are also ideal for co-sleeping or bed-sharing, due to the rounded sides of the DockATot, it will help to give your baby their own little space in between them and mom/dad. If this is used in an adult bed properly, then it's safe to use while co-sleeping! 

Another fun fact about the DockATot is that you can have your baby do their tummy time in it, instead of on a blanket on the floor. You can also use this as a changing spot for your little one to make it easier on mom's back! 

This is such a convenient product that moms should have for their little ones. This one is the Signature Grey and is made for ages 0 - 8 months, which is great for moms and babies!

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