10 Free Activites for Kids During Summer Break

Yes, it's about time to start thinking a little bit ahead to summer break (FINALLY)!!! For us, that starts on May 31 and it can't get here soon ENOUGH! 

What do your kids enjoy doing on their summer break?

When it comes to summer break, I am the oddball out who can't wait for the school year to be over and for summer break to start! I love not having a 6:15am alarm for almost two months!

10 Free Activities For Kids During Summer Break:

1. Going to the park to play with friends and/or siblings 
This one is huge for our kids because on weekdays starting the week after school gets out, our local park has a park summer program for kids from Kindergarten age through 6th grade, where they go to the park for about 5 hours a day, and have scheduled activities and crafts/games to do. And, they love it every year. Why? Because they're with a lot of their school friends and have fun! They also do three or four field trips during that park program as well, which is a lot of fun. 

2. Go to the library and read some books during the summer, for fun 
Our kids do this whether it's during summer break or not, and that is we walk to our local library and our older two actually have their own library cards with their name on them, under my name of course where each time they check a book or books out, they scan their card, and then of course once they're done with the books, we return them in the bin.

3. Go swimming at your local pool or community center
Depending on the area that you live in, you may have a free public swimming pool that you can take your kids to during the summer months and this is a great place to meet up with friends from school too, and enjoy a fun lunch picnic as well or grill depending on the park.

4. Go hang out and play at a friend's house and/or have a sleepover
This is another big one that our older two kids love to do and that's having sleepovers with friends, whether it's at their house or ours, and with being summer break they can stay up later and play outside longer as well. They do frequent sleepovers during their summer break.

5. Vacation Bible School 
This is one that our older two kids participate in and this year our older toddler will be able to as well since he will be four! They have a variety of Vacation Bible Schools available statewide in all fifty states that I know of, and you don't need to be a member or affiliated with the hosting church for your kids to be able to attend either! Ours is for five days and is usually for two or two in a half hours each evening, and there are a lot of fun activities that they do each night with the kids, and usually, it's only available for elementary age kids. 

6. Fishing
This one is always a fun one for families to do together or for fathers to do with their kids. Fishing is a big and fun summer activity for kids of all ages to do, whether you keep the fish or release them back!

7. Hiking
Depending on where you live, there might be some great places for you to take your kids hiking over their summer break! Show them the great outdoors and how fun it is just to go exploring, and that they may even find some waterfalls, depending on where you live! 

8. Kids Bowl Free Program
For this fun activity, they will offer kids two free games of bowling every day through the summer! To find out more about this, go to their website and find the local location that's closest to you to sign your child or children up! The parents will need to pay for the bowling shoe rental. If you're a parent who wants to bowl too, they have a family pass that will allow up to four adults to bowl with their kids for the whole summer for only $30!!

9. Home Depot Building Workshops
Our older two kids did this one several years ago but haven't since then, mainly because our closest location is one hour away. But, this one is a really great one for kids ages 5 to 12 to participate in. They will do fun workshops and be able to take their work home. These workshops are on select Saturdays, so be sure to check Home Depot and select your location, so you can pre-register your child or children. Children who participate will get to make their own wooden project, a completion certificate, a commemorative pin, and a workshop apron.

10. Summer Reading Programs
A fun and great way to keep your kids reading and staying "in the books" is to get them involved in the summer reading program at your local Barnes and Noble because kids who complete a summer reading journal there will earn a free book!! 

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  1. Perfect read! My kids are almost done with school and we need some ideas.