What You Need to Know Regarding Roofing

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Are you looking for information about roofing?

If there's something I know quite a bit about thanks to my husband, it's roofing as he's a self-employed contractor. He does a lot of roofing in the spring, summer, and fall months as he lines jobs up. 

If you're looking for roofing information, check out Westchase Roofing. They're a good resource for your roofing needs to find contractors in a specific area. They have a specific part on their website to look up their services to see which will fit the needs that you have for jobs that need to be done. 

When looking for a roofer near me, you will want to make sure to get a free quote on what you are looking to have done first, to make sure that the cost is reasonable and you know exactly what you want before hiring someone.

It's important as a potential client that you look for a contractor who is licensed and insured, and knows what he is doing before just hiring the person. He has been fixing and remodeling things all of his adult life, but just started his business in 2015 or so and is building up his reputation with it. 

He has a good reputation and has done so many different types of work within being a contractor - his favorite thing to do though is roofing. It's a more complex job depending on what the customer/client needs done.

Make sure that when you hire someone to do a roofing job that they know upfront exactly what needs done and that you're not adding more and more to the person's job than what was agreed upon, without a contract. Having a contract helps both you and the person you're hiring to do the job. 

When hiring for roofing, the more experience that the contractor has in his career the better. The more services that are listed with what the contractor knows how to do, the better and you'll know what they're capable of job wise in case you have more jobs you'd like to hire the person for, later after the roofing job is completed.

Some contractors are listed on websites such as Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, and some customers may even leave reviews of said contractor on how they liked their services and job(s) they have done for them in the past, and how quickly and good the job was done. 
When you call the contractor, you can ask what type of roofing exactly they do and what the best suggestions are when it comes to the type of roof, shingles, metal, composite roofing, PVC. 

Another important thing to know is if the contractor you're wanting to hire does free estimates. My husband does and then he'll give the potential customer an estimated price on what they want, as well as what other alternative materials of roofing would cost that maybe better for their house in the longrun. 

The contractor should be able to also give you an estimate on how much it may cost to replace your roof as well as installation. Another good thing to see for any contractor that has a social media page is pictures of their previous jobs they have done and completed, so you can see the before and after pictures. 


  1. Also, one of the best ways to get referrals is to create a social media presence. I'm much more likely to go and post on a contractor's website or facebook page than I am in person. Unless I'm asked specifically in person, it's always going to happen on social media.

  2. Excellent post, by the way! Very informative!