Making a Good Bedtime Routine

I thought that I'd do some parenting type posts right now and I wanted to do a topic that I know would help many parents, not just myself. 

One thing that's important, especially with having three or more kids is to try your best to make a good bedtime routine and stick with it.

One good thing about having kids, whether you have one child or multiple children is having a good set bedtime routine in place where they will follow it and it works for your family. 

The big thing that I like when it comes to making a good bedtime routine for our kids is that each child is close in age with the other since we have a 10 and 11-year-old, and an almost 2 and almost 4-year-old, so getting them to go to bed at close to the same time has been working well for us.

For our school-age kids, they go to bed around 8:30pm on school nights and if my husband won't be home until 9 - 10pm due to working at jobs he is at then I get them to take our younger two with them as they share a room - girls share one room, boys share another room. And what makes it easier than not is that the younger two enjoy night time because they put a kids movie on in their TVs for them, so they can lay down and watch it to fall asleep. 

They've done that for quite a while because we do it in our room for us. We have their TVs on the wall so they can see it from the bed. Usually, they don't even get halfway through their movies and they all are asleep, but I guess it's the background noise that helps more than not. 

On nights when my husband is home before 9 - 10pm, I let our younger two stay up to see him and they will usually watch a movie with us and then once they fall asleep or we just get them to go in their rooms, they go to bed. It wasn't so easy when I started doing it, but has gotten to be a good routine most nights and it works well for all of us.

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